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Business Profile

The BUMECH Stock Company has acted for years in a machinery industry, specialising in a scope of service, maintenance of operations and repair works of mining machinery and equipment. Since 2007, it has been professionally engaged in driving the underground excavations in coal mines.
One should draw attention to the newest „child” of the BUMECH Stock Company - i. e. production of roadheaders type AM 50. Our new product has got a certificate, admitting it to be used in underground mining excavations, which are threatened with explosion of methane and coal dust. We sell and lease roadheaders type AM-50, produced by us, or use them for our own needs, in realization of driving contracts in underground mines.
Moreover, the Company has got a possibility to perform industrial installations and equipment for the benefit of other industrial lines, such as professional power engineering.

In a sector of service and repair works, the BUMECH Stock Company has functioned since 2002. This scope of activity is predominantly prepared for needs of extractive industry, because appliances, which operate in extremely difficult underground conditions, need often to be repaired. Moreover, for machinery industry, the Company has got a production offer as well, which comprises spare parts, made according to own documentation or documentation from a concrete client.

Meeting the still growing demands of a market, in 2007 the Company developed its range of services with driving of underground excavations in mines. Works of such kinds are performed within consortium contracts with other entities, so within these contracts, the BUMECH Stock Company performs obligations to maintain power– mechanical operation of used machines and equipment, making available its own equipment, including roadheaders. Maintenance of power– mechanical operation comprises service and repair of machines and security of used materials and spare parts as well in order to provide correct functioning.

The BUMECH Stock Company is engaged in production of equipment and mining machines and performance of industrial installations and equipment.
We have got the certificate, admitting it to be used in underground mines, for roadheaders type AM-50, produced by us.
The Company has got resources to perform industrial installations. Up-to-now, services within this scope, were rendered mainly for power-building industry.
Within this group of works, repair works of installations or equipment and sub-units of them can be performed as well, according to our own technical documentation.