Bumech is participating in the drilling of underground headings by providing operational maintenance of the machines and power supply systems for all the machines and equipment used in this type of work. It is also carrying out contracted mining works, mainly in dog-type heading sites. In most of the cases, the Company is using its own machines in this type of work – mainly heading machines with their auxiliary conveyors and head cutting equipment customised to the specific needs and requirements of the buyer/contracting party. As part of the comprehensive heading works equipment deliveries, Bumech is also providing installation of the heading machines and other equipment, along with their power supply and control systems and additionally ensures supervision of their commissioning and start-up.

Regardless whether the drilling of underground headings is carried out using machines delivered by Bumech or owned by the Buyer, the Company is ensuring operational maintenance, servicing and repairs of all machines, starting from the responsibility boundary agreed with the Contracting Party, up to the front-end of the drilled heading. Bumech provides spare parts and other operational maintenance materials, also including heading machine knives, oils, lubricants and other means and resources necessary to ensure proper functioning and operation of the machines and equipment.

Facing the expectations of the clients and filling-up this specific market niche, the Company is providing a comprehensive (all-inclusive) service, under which it is delivering machines, providing their operational maintenance and servicing as well as executing underground heading drilling works.